INFO : Our establishments have obtained the "Business Ready" label so that you can have a "Covid Safe" stay.
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Seminars &

conferences, events & workshops in Lourdes

Create a tailored event and make your time unforgettable

Corporate seminars, conferences, round tables or business meetings… Our four **** hotels Alba, Méditerranée, Eliseo and Padoue have modular rooms of various sizes and a full technical installation to can be adapted to all your events. Family ceremonies, baptisms, birthday meals and other more private occasions can be celebrated in the lounges and bars or on the panoramic terraces which provide a cosier, friendly and warm setting.
Whether you are a company or individual, menus can be tailored for you in the form of a buffet or seated meal in line with your event and requirements.
Services & amenities
Meeting/banquet room
Microphone and sound system
Overhead projector
Wi-Fi access
Flat-screen TV
Capacities & Reception areas
Hôtel Eliseo
Surface area
Iris 1 room 110 m² 150 p.
Iris 2 room 40 m² 30 p.
Iris 3 room 27 m² 20 p.
Hôtel Padoue
Surface area
Lounge A 60 p. 130 / 180 p. 90 p. 200 p.
Lounge B 48 p. 25 p. 48 p. 60 p.
Lounge C 25 p.
Hôtel Alba
Surface area
Bartres Lounge 125 m² 170 p. 60 p.
Gavarnie Lounge 77 m² 70 p. 40 p.
Tourmalet Lounge 40 m² 20 p. 20 p. 16 p. 40 p.
Massabielle Lounge 18 m² 16 p.
Hôtel Méditerranée
Surface area
Conference room 50 m² 120 p. 30 p.
Your team building has no limits
Do you want to thank your teams and build them by giving them a spectacular trip to the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées? Our modern establishments with warm, friendly spaces meet your expectations to accommodate your employees during Team Building sessions. You’ll be able to choose from meeting and conference rooms, cosy lounges, outdoor terraces… for different sizes of groups.
The excellent geographic location at the heart of the Pyrenees means we can offer unusual, fun and innovative activities that are great for getting what you want from them. Lourdes Hôtels Services takes care of organising your team building sessions.
Before you get here and throughout your stay, we’ll host your event from A to Z following an activities schedule that we’ll have drawn up together beforehand.

Our à la carte team-building offers

Do you prefer doing outdoor sports (biking, hiking, rafting…) or discovering history and culture? Open-air picnic or lunch at the hotel? Cocktail reception or themed evening? Are you staying for a weekend or several days?

Thanks to our active programmes, you’ll discover Lourdes and its surroundings as you combine work, sport and leisure going on unforgettable excursions.

We offer all-inclusive packages that we personalise to suit what you want and your objectives to give you a completely bespoke experience.

Anything is possible. Our only limits are the ones you set.

And our seminar rooms accommodate various seat numbers for your business meetings. All are modular and have a full technical installation.