INFO : Our establishments have obtained the "Business Ready" label so that you can have a "Covid Safe" stay.
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Accommodation in Lourdes

What is the rate for staying in one of your establishments?
Our group rates are drawn up according to the type of service booked, the pilgrimage calendar and seasons.
How much does staying in one of your establishments cost?
A costed offer suited to your needs will be sent to you by returning the contact form
What type of accommodation can be booked in your establishments?
All types of room, from single rooms to family rooms.
How do you book a stay in one of your establishments?
For groups, by filling in the contact form, or by contacting the hotel directly.
What are the booking terms and conditions?
The specific booking conditions will be given to you with the personalised offer that will be sent to you.
What are the booking options available within the establishments?
You can detail your request in the comments section of the booking form and we will include these options in the personalised offer that will be sent to you.
What are the establishment’s arrival and departure times?
For groups, we do everything to make the rooms available as a priority after lunch: from 2 pm / for morning check ins, check out: 9 am
What are the establishments’ services and facilities?
Classic hotel services and facilities for individuals and groups.
Do the establishments have a concierge service?
We do not have a concierge service but the reception staff is trained to provide information about activities.
Do the establishments have luggage storage?
What are the reception opening hours?
24 hours a day
What mod cons are provided in the rooms?
Are animals allowed in the establishments?
Yes, with an extra charge.
Are the hotels suitable for families?
Are the hotels fitted for persons with reduced mobility?
What services are provided for groups?
We invite you to discover the services offered in the Activities & Sightseeing section.
How do you get to one of your establishments?
By bus, train (shuttle services to and from the station), plane (shuttle services to and from the airport).
Do the establishments provide an airport shuttle service?
For a fee, we provide a bus shuttle that can be ordered for groups or private vehicles up to 8 people.
Is it easy to park your bus at the establishment?
Yes, we have free bus parking areas available for group buses.
Is the establishment near the town centre?
Which district are the establishments in?
Near the Sanctuaries.
What towns are near your establishments?
Tarbes 15 kms, Pau 40 kms, Toulouse 170 kms, Bordeaux 230 kms.
Do your establishments have one or more restaurants on site?
Yes, each establishment has its own restaurant.
How can you book a table in the restaurant?
Directly through reception.
What type of breakfast do the establishments serve to groups and at what time?
For groups, the buffet breakfast is served from 7 am until 8:30 am, with arrangements planned for morning departures.
What restaurants are near your establishments?
Various local and international restaurants are nearby.
Leisure / Discovery / Tourism
What activities are available in your establishments?
Certain establishments have put in place facilities to accommodate cyclists and provide an adapted service.
Do your establishments have one or more swimming pools?
Do your establishments have a spa?
Do your establishments have a well-being area?
Is there a jacuzzi in the rooms?
Do your establishments have a fitness room?
What are the activities and major attractions near your establishments?
It is a pilgrimage place, exploring the region’s heritage and architecture, sporting activities / leisure (cycle touring, hiking, canyoning.
What are the most popular monuments near the establishments?
Lourdes Sanctuary, Lourdes Castle, Pic du Midi, Gavarnie Cirque, Pic du Jer, Lourdes lake.